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    Rapid Prototypes has helped dozens of companies with their product development requirements. Here is a partial list of some 

    recent clients:

      • Intel
      • Microsoft
      • Xilinx
      • Walt Disney Feature Animation
      • Rockwell International Corporation
      • California Institute of Technology
      • Synaptics, Inc.
      • Data Transit, Inc.
      • Apple Computer
      • Synaptics, Inc.
      • General Dynamics Corporation
      • AMCC
    • Standards work on Standards Organizations including
    • IEEE
    • OIF
    • Rapid IO
    • ISO

    Experience of Key Technical Personnel:

    Brian Von Herzen, Ph.D., CEO

    Affiliation: 1993 - present Rapid Prototypes, Inc. Carson City, NV

    Professional Experience:

    CEO, Rapid Prototypes Inc.

    Tripled the signal integrity of Virtex-4 FPGA's by designing and implementing the Sparse-Chevron(TM) tiling array for BGA pinouts.

    Developed the world’s fastest commercial FPGA applications, including a fully parallel cross correlator circuit for wireless applications.

    Architected, designed, developed, tested and demonstrated a 2K x 2K, 144 Hz real-time compositing graphics engine. Created a 1-GHz analog video output daughter card .

    Designed and developed a 60-Hz vector quantization video codec ASIC using FPGA rapid product prototyping techniques.

    Participated in the development of the Talisman architecture, Microsoft.

    Architected and built a PCI-Bus logic emulator with 0.5 million FPGA gates for Interval Research Corporation.

    Built a 10-GIPS depth-from-stereo video processor using the 0.5-million-gate PCI-Bus logic emulator.

    1992 - 1993 Synaptics, Inc. San Jose, CA

    Applications Research Manager, Synaptics

    Research in video compression.

    Developed digital neural networks using FPGA’s.

    Commercial applications of image processing.

    Analyzed VLSI CCD devices for MPEG motion compensation.

    1988 - 1992 Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Hilo, HI

    Design Project Manager, Caltech

    Obtained NSF grant for VLSI correlator development.

    Produced a 250 MHz micropipelined cross-correlator in 1.2 um CMOS.

    Designed and developed a 2 GHz digital spectrometer using correlators.

    Created a 2 GHz GaAs A/D converter.

    1986 Pixar, Inc. San Rafael, CA

    Systems Analyst, Pixar, Inc.

    Developed an image processing language for the Pixar Image Computer.

    1982 Dolby Laboratories San Francisco, CA

    Research and Development Engineer, Dolby Laboratories

    Developed a digital audio compression and decompression system.

    1980 - 1981 Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Palo Alto, CA

    Research and Development Engineer, HP Labs

    Developed an electron-beam annealing process for MOSFET devices.

    1982 - 1988 Caltech Pasadena, CA

    Ph.D. Computer Graphics and VLSI, Caltech

    Hertz Foundation Fellowship

    1978 - 1980 Princeton University Princeton, NJ

    A.B. Physics, Magna Cum Laude, Princeton University

    Completed undergraduate program in three years with high honors.

      Patents and Publications


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    Instrument-rated pilot, windsurfer, bicyclist, skier, surfer, certified scuba diver, amateur photographer, sailor, amateur astronomer, amateur geologist, member IEEE, AOPA Pilots Association, Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA).